Paragon Village - PRICE LIST

Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens.


Discounted TCP : 798,000

Reservation Fee : 5,000

Monthly DP in 20 mos : 3,900

Monthly amort. in 30 years : 4,890.51

The investment principle where residential property is concerned is always with the telescope fully focused on the long-term horizon. This is particularly why the Paragon Village has been primed for the young Filipino family. Not wishing to venture too far from the cities, they now have an ideal area in which they can settle down and allow their young families to mature safely. As property developments go, and given the rate of ongoing urban infrastructural development, the value of your property within the Paragon Village is likely to increase exponentially.

And at a much later stage in your life, there will always be every opportunity for you to sell and reap the benefits that a good profit brings. But in saying all of that, why would you want to leave. Unless of course, you have grown weary of your tranquil years of peace and quiet, not forgetting prosperity.

As this short tour is drawing to a close, it is hoped that you enjoyed it. More so, it is hoped that you will be moving here in the near future.  

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